Barnscourt Brewing Co

John Wauchob

We are a family run farm based brewery set in the idyllic countryside of Barnscourt just outside Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone.

Our brewery, which was founded in 2018 is nestled at the foot of the picturesque Bessie Bell Mountain. The historic Harry Avery’s Castle is our viewpoint to the East. 
We are passionate about producing high end hand-crafted artisan beer with the aim of creating a curveball of premium craft beer, not mainstream. 
A huge part of our brewery is producing top quality beer that pairs exceptionally well with food. We feel that a great beer accentuates the flavours of the food it is paired with and thus creates a surreal dining experience.

Our range includes:
⦁ Session IPA 4.7% 300ml can
⦁ Hop IPA 7.0% 500ml bottle
⦁ Golden Larger 4.0% 500ml bottle
⦁ Wheat Beer 4.5% 500ml bottle
⦁ Red Ale 4.7% 500 ml bottle
⦁ Stout 5% 500ml bottle
⦁ Oat Stout 5% 500ml bottle
Furthermore, we are an actively working farm and during the Spring season we lamb approximately 600 ewes and calve 60 cows. 

We are very focused on protecting nature and long-term sustainable food production. Most of our brewery waste product is either given directly to our stock or is fed to our own ….Kw Anaerobic Digester which in turn produces and sells electricity back to the National Grid. This system completely neutralizes our Carbon footprint.

Address: 38 Baronscourt Rd, Newtownstewart, Omagh BT78 4EY, United Kingdom