Ke Nako Biltong

Ilse Van Staden & Alanagh Chipperfield

Founded by Ilse Van Staden & Alanagh Chipperfield in 2012, Ke Nako Biltong quickly created a new and unique product offering for the NI tastebuds.  

Starting at the local markets in Belfast, we’re now based at the Ballylagan Organic Farm as well as still attending a lot of local markets around Northern Ireland.

The business launched a mobile app which allows consumers direct access to a supply of their favourite dried meat treats.
All our products are made from 100% Irish Beef, ensuring the best flavours and texture.

Our current range includes:

⦁ Biltong
Strips of tender organically reared beef preserved with our special blend of spices, this is the best Biltong in the UK and Ireland. Also available in chilli & garlic flavours.

⦁ Droëwors
Meaning dry sausage, droewors is ground beef preserved with our special blend of spices and stuffed in a lamb casing. Available in our original, chilli or garlic flavours.

⦁ Droëwors bites
Our droewors bites are a mixture of our three flavours chopped into convenient bite sized chunks. Perfect if you’d like to sample all the different flavours available.

We plan to offer a range of locally produced Charcuterie later this year.

Address: Ballylagan Organic Farm, 12 Ballylagan Rd, Straid, Ballyclare BT39 9NF, United Kingdom